He Brought Along His Own Laugh Track To The CIA

(Credit: Twitter screengrab, @USRealityCheck)

So, technically this happened yesterday, but I wanted to wait for it to be confirmed before sharing because, you know, journalistic standards and what not.

Anywho, yesterday while pitching his alternative facts to the CIA, Donald brought a few – PAID, I can’t emphasize how important it is to remember these staffers are effectively being PAID to do this – “friends” along for the show in case, you know, disrespecting a memorial to fallen CIA officers by grandstanding in front of it didn’t go over so well with the CIA employees in attendance.

As has become par for the course at this point (seriously, this isn’t the first time he’s done this), CBS News has confirmed that Donald Trump dragged several staffers with him to Langley and had them cheer and laugh at the appropriate – is that the right word? it doesn’t seem like it – time on the off chance the same CIA officials he spent the past several months trashing wouldn’t be enthusiastic in their support for their new boss.

Here’s video of the laugh-track supported speech if you want to have a listen yourself.

As I said before, this wasn’t the first time Donald brought his own cheerleaders with him and based on his approval rating so far it probably won’t be the last.

Which means Trump’s Traveling Laugh Track™ (or The Trumpeteers™, if you will) has turned the Presidency into the worst CBS comedy ever.

And that’s saying a lot.