He Complained About People Trying To Delegitimize His Presidency

(Credit: Twitter Screengrab, @NYDailyNews)

Just when you thought Donald Trump had scaled the heights of absurdity, he climbed a little higher today.

A day after shoving his press secretary out in front of the media to lie about his inauguration attendance numbers, Trump sent out his surrogates to complain to the media that they – the media – were trying to use his low inauguration attendance numbers (and the YUGE protest numbers) to delegitimize his presidency.

Which, of course, is the (new) height of absurdity…and not just because he lazily ripped this rhetoric off of Bernie Sanders.

Why is it the (new) height of absurdity you may ask?

Because when Bernie Sanders was talking about someone delegitimizing the presidency, he was talking about Donald Trump who, you probably remember spent the past 8 years relentlessly – racistly (that’s a word, right?) – trying to delegitimize the presidency of Barack Obama by claiming he wasn’t born in the United States.

Remember this gem, Donald?

How about this one?

You’ve gotta remember this one, right?

No? Well if not, Donald, there’s at least another three dozen or so tweets like this that you sent out over the past 8 years in case you need reminding of your own effort to delegitimize your predecessor’s presidency.

Anyway, all that to say, for Donald Trump to now try to co-opt the idea of a delegitimizing a presidency for his own insecure purposes is so ridiculous it…well…I’ll just let Liz Lemon explain.