He Declared Millions Of People Voted Illegally Against Him – Again

(Credit: Twitter screengrab, @huffingtonpost)

Yesterday, we learned that “alternative facts” are now a thing.

Today, we can add to that list “alternative studies” and “alternative evidence.”

Although, Press Secretary Sean Spicer didn’t use those exact words, probably because the more accurate term would be “no studies” and “no evidence.”

Once again, even though he is now officially the President of the United States, Donald Trump declared today that millions of people voted illegally in the election, casting their ballots for Hilary Clinton which, in his mind and his mind alone, accounts for the fact that he lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes.

As usual, Donald Trump has absolutely no evidence for such a claim and when pressed, his press secretary could only come up with vague claims – I’m sorry that’s a typo, it should have been “lies” – about Trump supposedly having studies and evidence that he and only he has seen that back up his claim.

But will he present either?

Of course not, because they don’t exist and Trump is only continuing to make these claims – I’m sorry that’s another typo, it should have been “throwing a temper tantrum” – because his obscenely massive ego won’t allow him┬áto accept the fact that he actually lost at something.

At this point, it seems Donald Trump genuinely believes there was massive voter fraud. Not because of the evidence, but because like the inauguration attendance, he’s sincerely that delusional. He really and truly can’t bring himself to accept any version of reality in which Donald Trump is not the best, just terrific, really wonderful, top notch, just the best ever President, best person really, who ever lived.

Lots of people are saying so.

Or at least 2.

And when it comes to Donald Trump’s version of math, that’s like a billion people.