He Held A Press Conference And Forgot The Conference Part

One of the great things about our country (or any democratic country for that matter) is the press’ ability to access the President directly (or at least his administration) and ask questions.

Routine as it may be to most of us at this point, the White House press conference is an important part of keeping the President and his administration accountable for the things they say and do. The President or his press secretary comes out, they make a statement, the press asks a few follow up questions, and the country is more informed because of it.

At least in theory.

In order for this experiment in free press and an open democracy to work effectively, the press conference has to be the sort of two-way street I just described.

Today, Donald Trump forced his press secretary Sean Spicer to go out and give a cringe worthy (and not surprisingly dishonest) statement about the attendance at Trump’s Inauguration.

And then he forgot the conference part of a press conference.

I say “forgot,” but “Trump forbid the press from asking questions” is probably more accurate.

After Spicer was done regurgitating Trump’s childish rant, he walked out without letting the press ask a single question.

Because obviously things would just get too awkward if the press was allowed to counter Spicer’s statement with things like facts or questions like, “Why are you holding an official White House press conference to debate attendance numbers?”

Though the answer to that question is obviously pretty simple.

Because Trump’s Inauguration was half empty and then today half of America turned out to protest him.